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Anonymous asked:

I thought the minimum weight for a female coxswain was 110?

just keep rowing, just keep rowing... answered:

Depends on the level you row on.
On the scholastic level, there have been rumors of a 110 minimum during major regattas such as Stotes & Nationals for decades.

My boat flew by with a 96 pound girl for four years in the height of those rumors and they have not been confirmed nor do I believe they ever will be on the Scholastic level.

It would be silly either way, but I really don’t believe it will happen or be enforced on that level.

On the collegiate level, many races do sand bag for a 110 to 120 minimum weight range.
BUT, in the six I’ve attended, including major ivy regattas, the coxswains were not even weighed outside the light weight category.

There are two coxswains at my university who are 102 and 103, both in A boats, both have raced unbagged.


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Anonymous asked:

Any advice on choosing between being being a rower or a cox?

just keep rowing, just keep rowing... answered:

If you could win gold, would you rather wear the medal as a rower who sweat for it or the coxswain who motivated another sweat to drip.

I like my coxswains under 105 (female weight).
I’ll be the one to say it: don’t burden your team as a 120 coxswain.
There’s no other way to put it; that’s incredibly rude.

If you’re over 112 & your unable to row flyweight, carbo load and build muscle.
It won’t happen in a year, but you’ll get stronger indefinitely.

If you’re in the 105-111 range, remember, you’re not my coxswain aka it’s okay to be that weight.
If you have no weight to lose that’s not a real issue.


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Anonymous asked:

Hi. I'm a girl and I'm 15. Do you have any suggestions of erg workouts to really get me into shape? I'm not the fittest at the moment and need some advice of what kind of workout I should do to start out. If you give me some advise that would be great.

just keep rowing, just keep rowing... answered:

I suggest a lot of cardio be done in preparation for hitting the erg.
Rowing requires a lot of aerobic discipline. The greater your endurance on a run, the easier time you’ll have enduring the erg when the splits get lower, & getting them that low in the first place.

It’s a strange machine to ease into.
As a novice, my coach had me concentrate a lot on 20 & 40 minute pieces just so I could become familiar with the erg, how it reacts & how I react to it.
It’s a seesaw & you get from that monitor what you give.

Focus on cardio and steady rate pieces.

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