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Anonymous asked:

If a varsity rower weighs 108 lbs and pulls a 2:09 split 2k, should they be a coxswain?

just keep rowing, just keep rowing... answered:

108 at an 8:36 2k is something to be proud of. Very very proud of.
It really is your decision, you have to see if, with your frame, you would benefit from putting on weight to bring that time down.
Weight adjusted you place pretty fairly well on average LW scores. We all know that, however, medals at States, Stotes, & Nationals are won by above and beyond average crews. So to put yourself in a position where you are in real contention for medals is important.
I’d say if you were below 5’3, try for coxing! I would believe that your coach would have a hard time letting you go as a rower though, unless you have a very large varsity team.
Rank yourself weight adjusted among your team and see where you fall. I personally always go for the A boat and I really couldn’t understand why anyone wouldn’t themselves. If you’re in contention for that A boat line up, keep at it, you’re doing great so far! But you can afford far over 10lbs to bring that time down & be more competitive!

Many things to consider. At the end of your day, will you miss the strokes you could have taken as a rower or do you just wanna win?!
Good luck!

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Anonymous asked:

I think I love you

just keep rowing, just keep rowing... answered:

Awk, pretty certain I certainly love you #loveallanons #tilltheygocraycray #OrLineUpNextToYouOnTheRaceCourse

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