just keep rowing, just keep rowing...

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Anonymous asked:

I'm a Freshman in college and I really want to join the rowing team but practice is at 5am everyday and I'm worried it will affect my grades because I'll be tired all the time. Can you offer any advice from your experience?

just keep rowing, just keep rowing... answered:

Sure. It’s really hard. There’s no sugar coating it.
Finding a balance between the sport and the high grades you’d like to maintain will be a direct reflection of the love you have for both pursuits.
I have a friend on my school’s men’s team who had work study his freshman year and decided to quit it and just take on another student loan because he loved rowing that much, but rowing, work study, and classes were just too much.
That’s a case of ‘wow this dude loves his sport’ but I happen to agree with him.
To each his/her own.

I’d tell you not to overwhelm yourself. If you row for a D1 school, most have club teams of the same sport, at least my school does. I’d start with the club if I was a novice because your freshman year grades impact your final GPA greatly over the course of four years.

If there is no club and you genuinely want to join, just prepare for the discipline you’re going to have to teach yourself. Rowing and school work. And that is life—a fabulous one says 98% of the people who follow.

It does help you keep your agenda in check. That’s a huge gain. Nevermind the gains you’ll achieve on the water.

Congratulations/welcome to the best sport on the face of this planet.
Good luck in your journeys!!


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University Recruitment: USA


A lot of you have been asking me about what the process is like to row in university; what schools look for and what you can do to get noticed or get recruited!

I have compiled different information from the USA so you can see what applies to you, and what you may have to do to row at the school…

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