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khaleesa-diaz asked:

Hi, So this sounds like a dumb question, but how do seat races work? Our club doesn't do them and I'm just curious to see how they affect boat lineups and stuff.

just keep rowing, just keep rowing... answered:

On my team, and on the teams I have encountered, seat racing works this way:
-Two or more girls/boys going who are pretty closely matched on the erg and may or may not be pretty approximate on the height/weight ratio to each other.
(Usually height and weight hasn’t been thay analyzed on my team, but if two girls have the same erg score, if the heavier girls technique isn’t amazingly fantastic, the lighter girl will get the spot. My boys team worked the same way.
-Coach seat races one to two spots on any given day
-coach sets three girls in a four or seven girls in an eight
-sets up anywhere from a 500m to 1500m race course
-each girl/person gets a few races in on that course
-coach takes the girl who got the boat to the finish line the fastest

There are so many opinions on whether seat racing is a good or bad coaching decision.
Personally, if you bring your A game & have been working harder than everyone else (which should be everyone’s goal) you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. Unless there’s strong boathouse politics or your team hates you then you should be nervous seeing as they can throw your seat race.

I’ve never really been seat raced & the key to avoiding that is working your butt of in every facet of the sport so your coach doesn’t have a reason to question whether someone can move the boat better than you.

Have a great seat race free season!!!!

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"Whether or not you believe me now, in 30 years you will look back at this race and remember it. You will remember if you gave up or if you decided it was important enough. Make it important."


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