just keep rowing, just keep rowing...

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"Rowers tend to be really tough because they continue to work hard in this environment where success and even appreciation is rare and uncertain. Basketball players get to slap hands when they miss a free throw, we don’t."

Anonymous (Coach)

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Anonymous asked:

I am so happy I found your blog! so I am 5'3'' and 148 lbs and my 2k time is a 2:09 (i know it's bad) i really want to get better for the fall and spring, i don't have easy access to an erg. any suggestions? What split time do you think i should shoot for? Keep up the good work!

just keep rowing, just keep rowing... answered:

Run. I think a great height to weight ratio is important to be as effective a rower as possible & compete with the girls who are blessed with height.
Cross fit can replace your erg for now.
You can look up the insanity workouts; they’ll kick your butt.
Swimming is the best full body workout you can get out there. You can look up actual drill exercises online. Most towns have a public poll for low summer rates so try that.

Good luck this season! Enjoy!

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